Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Olympus OM-D Diorama Video

I just returned home from a night in Vancouver where I had the pleasure of going to Joe McNally's "One Light Two Light" seminar at the conference centre.  It was really fun and enjoyable and Joe was just like you see him in the virtual world in person.  He was energetic, quirky and a treat to watch.  I'm pretty sure he won't forget us Vancouver Island photographers as we made a point of having our laughs while we were there.

That's me peeking over Joe's shoulder as he sat beside me.  Photo courtesy of Rachel Kirk
If you get a chance to go to this seminar on the other dates during the tour, it's well worth the $99 ($79 for NAPP members) admission.  Despite not really seeing too much I didn't already know, I had a great time and did pick up two specific lighting tips that were totally new to me.  One of those will be coming into my regular rotation of studio lighting setups, I really loved it a lot.

While there the night before the seminar I took advantage of some "Me Time" and had a walk around downtown Vancouver with my Olympus OM-D E-M5 and my old kit lens that came with my E-PL1.  I just love walking around Vancouver, it's such a pretty city and feels alive and urban at the same time as relaxed and west coast.  Just a perfect balance for me.

OM-D with 14-42 kit lens and in camera grainy black and white filter of Vancouver Skyline
Back at my hotel that night I popped on the baseball game and relaxed while I propped my OM-D up against my 11th floor window pointed down at the street doing a diorama video.  If you've never seen one of these, they are really mesmerizing.  Kind of like watching a toy model city come to life.  They have that tilt shift look and the whole video gets condensed into fast forward so you can't take your eyes off all these little toy people and cars jetting around.  The video quality on the OM-D is really great too, by far my favourite camera to date for video.

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Wolfgang Lonien said...

Yeah, I met Joe some 2 years ago at Photokina, where my brother and me had a nice talk with him for an hour. Great guy, and the Grandmaster Flash with those small photon guns.

Nice and funny video btw - makes us look like ants, doesn't it? Oh, and that skyline is just awesome - print that one big, and hang it into your studio entrance...

Thanks for sharing!

Neil Gaudet said...

Thanks Wolfgang, I kind of figured I'd be the only one that would 'get' that skyline photo, but I'm glad a few others do.

Yes, I was very impressed with Joe, as I have been with a lot of the well known photographers I've met over the years. He's very approachable, friendly and obviously knows his craft. The seminar was a blast.

Hope you're doing well over there in Germany.

Wolfgang Lonien said...

Well yes we are - I have some 2 weeks off from work, but I'd still love to do much more photographing than I actually can...