Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just Call Me "Mr Early Adopter"

The Olympus OM-D........nice
I don't recall ever buying a camera on pre-order or being what some might call an early adopter of technology, but if you've been reading this blog for a while you probably knew I wasn't going to be able to resist this one.  A startlingly close resemblance to my much loved OM4t camera, this little beauty has me eating my words that I'd never take micro-four thirds seriously.  I'm so in love that I've already begged my local camera dealer to keep the first one they get aside for me.  In silver, body only.  I just don't feel the love for the kit zooms for the system yet with their oh-so-dark apertures.

For a company that was pretty much on their death bed to end 2011 Olympus just might have themselves a life raft here.  My E5 is pretty likeable, but the full sized DSLR never really gave the benefits of size to us that put up with the smaller sensor.  And the magic they've done with this sensor appears to be pretty impressive with early sneak peeks putting the ISO performance as better than my 5DmkII.  I have no idea how they pulled that off, but the proof will be in the pudding once I actually own the camera.

They've also announced a couple of new prime lenses a 75mm f1.8 and a 60mm f2.8 macro.  I'm a big fan of my 45mm f1.8 from them so far so I think I may lay down some cash for those lenses as well as the 12mm f2.0 that I've been hesitant to spend on up until now.  This camera just might justify the cost of the lenses attached to it.  And primes were a weakness of the regular four thirds system I thought.  They spent a lot of time building really impressive f2.0 zoom lenses but really left us out in the cold on any primes brighter than f2.0 with the exception of the Panasonic-Leica Summilux.

While I wait I'll be enjoying my E5 as much as I can and it's been wonderful.  I did though very much appreciate the 5DmkII last Sunday while photographing a clothing line for a sweater company.  I chose an ISO of 800 at one point knowing that I'd get clean files suitable for commercial use.  That was pretty sweet and made my job easier.  The E5 would have been fine, but noise would have been there for sure.  Yes I could have just pumped the lights, but I was enjoying the ambient light.  The right tool....

Canon 5DmkII with 24-70 f2.8 lens at ISO 800.  Out-take image after wrap-up.
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Wolfgang Lonien said...

Hey Neil - congrats to your decision; I envy you a bit I must say. And yes, like Jordan Steel showed here, that little Oly could be up to snuff with a 5D2, ISO-wise. It's sensor should be nearly identical to the one or the other in his Panasonic cameras.

I'm also not that much in love with that 12-50mm zoom, but it's weather-sealed, and as a kit a good buy maybe. Having used my 50mm macro on an E-PL1, together with that OM-D it surely would be a winner - and everything weather-sealed then.

In fact, this might be as nice as a weather-sealed E-520 with a newer sensor. Let's wait and see - but I'm thinking of Oly glass again...

Neil Gaudet said...

I'm sure that a lot of the new lenses released will be weather sealed to match the camera. I am really genuinely excited to own this equipment, I guess because it appeals to me in both form and function. I really do love using my OM4t. It's the right size, looks cool, is super solid in build quality and has all the buttons and dials where I want them. This camera is like buying that cool little retro sports car that has all the airbags and fuel efficiency of a new car.

Thanks again for coming by the blog Wolfgang!

Paula said...

I've never pre-ordered any camera before either but I couldn't resist the OM-D. It's a dang fine looking camera. I decided to go with the 12-50mm kit after seeing some of the new features that are geared a little more toward video. I've been lusting after the 45mm for a while now but I might hold off on getting that in hopes they'll come out with a splash proof version.

Neil Gaudet said...

Hey Paula
I'm glad I'm not the only one! The 45mm is a nice little lens, but yes it would be nice if it were weather sealed. It isn't expensive though so for me it was worth picking up. Thanks for dropping by the blog!