Saturday, January 14, 2012

For Models and Photographers

Dezi on Red with the Pentax 645N and 75mm f2.8 LS lens.  Fuji Reala ISO 100 film

Back in 2010 I decided I wanted to photograph models, especially in the winter when I wasn't as busy with weddings.  For me there were two reasons to spend time doing this.

One reason was to create personal art that I wasn't being commissioned for.  I wanted to create images that were not aimed at a portrait client, but with my own art foremost as a purpose.  One day I hope to have my own gallery show, and this is a step to getting there.

Secondly I wanted to try new lighting techniques and continue to improve on my posing.  I don't really think that the best time to try new things is when you are on a paid job.  I'm always looking to improve my lighting and posing as part of my craft and working with models has helped me a great deal.

Not all models are experienced and you can get a lot out of working with those that are experts at posing and those that need some help.  Also when I'm photographing a model in a situation where we are trading for time I have no feeling of pressure to deliver work for them that suits their taste, as they aren't paying me.  For sure I want them to enjoy the images, but I figure they are coming to me for my style, have seen my work beforehand and this all helps me feel relaxed about the outcome.  They won't be cancelling any cheques if they don't like the images.

Recently one of the model's I've worked with a few times came to me with an idea to create a behind the scenes video of one of our sessions with the purpose of showing new photographers and models what to expect at a session.  We had some help with the video from my friends Patrick Horsfield and Dave Nunez-Delgado who filmed the session with a Canon 60D and a Nikon D7000.  You can consider it a meeting of the brands!

I haven't had the time to edit the actual shoot portion of the day yet (I'm still learning Final Cut Pro X so it's a bit slow) but at the end of the day Dezi and I decided to sit down and talk on video about some common things new photographers and models might be wondering about.  I think that if you are considering entering into one of the 'Time for CD' or Time for Prints' situations and you are a little unsure of what to expect this little interview should be really helpful.  I hope you enjoy it even though we are starting with Part 3!  I also plan on doing a bloopers reel as there were plenty of things to laugh at on the day.


Lionel Pesqué said...

Absolutely amazing portrait. I prefer this one to the "500px" version.

Vic Kirby said...

It is a lovely image of Dezi. And a useful video for those starting out!

Neil Gaudet said...

Thanks Vic

Lionel, thanks for the comment. That's interesting, the one on 500px is digital. Do you like the look of the image in as the film look more than the digital or just prefer the image composition or something? I'm just interested because I've been doing very little editing on film and find the look appealing on its own.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new insight guys. A lot of important factors to consider, I think this is a very good guide for new models like me! :)

Neil Gaudet said...

Glad it was helpful! Thanks for visiting :)