Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Play

I'm sitting waiting for my daughter's Christmas play to start, Canon 5D MKII in hand with the 135 f2.0 lens. Wondering. Should I have just used this iPhone I'm typing on? I love just being the parent, not the official guy with the big camera.

I just wanted to add that I came across a site called Kickstarter where people put up projects they are working on and try and get some crowd sourced funding to complete it.  I have actually visited the site before but I had forgotten about it.  There is a whole section on photography and one project in particular caught my attention called the "Unknown Photographer," so I ended up making a pledge for it.  If you have a minute go ahead and check out the site, there just might be a photography project that strikes a cord for you!  And no, I don't have any projects on there looking for pledges!  

Thanks again for dropping by the blog!

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A.J.Collishaw said...

I thought the same thing this year but I never got any really good shots this year of my boys. I think you can enjoy both.