Saturday, July 24, 2010

Scott Kelby Photo Walk Today

I'm off to take part in the Scott Kelby Photo Walk today in Nanaimo.  The idea for me is to take the time today to finally learn to either love or hate my Lensbaby that I never use.  I'm bringing my Olympus E3, my lensbaby 3G, a spare battery and memory card and that is it.  I'll put it all on my Black Rapid strap and either live or die by the Lensbaby.  I bought the lens about two years ago or more, used it twice and was very unsatisfied with what I got from it.  I have left it in my drawer since always afraid to try it.  So today is make or break.  I'm either going to love it or sell it.  I had considered buying the Lensbaby Composer for my Canon 5D mk II, but if I can't make it work for one camera body then I'll leave it alone.  Either way, today isn't a paid day, it is a day for fun, socializing and experimenting.  After the walk we are all going out to a local restaurant for a meet-up and then some of us are coming to my house for a BBQ and to take some fun free family photos of each other.  If you read the blog and are coming to the walk please say hello!

Enjoy your Saturday!

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