Sunday, July 4, 2010

On the Road Again

Trans Canada Highway

Well we left Redvers Saskatchewan today for Medicine Hat Alberta. The Trans Canada Highway by Maple Creek was washed out after a heavy rain caused a dam to break about two weeks ago. They have been working around the clock to fix it as it is the biggest highway in Canada, but right now they have only one side open, the other (as you can see above) is pretty much a 14 meter ditch.

Highway 1

We also stopped at the site in Rouleau Saskatchewan where they filmed the Corner Gas television show that I loved. I took some photos on my E3 so I'm sure they will pop up later. I simply can't wait to get home and process all my images from the trip. I'll have to get them done the first night home as I have a photo shoot every day for the first 8 days I'm back.

I might stop at a camera store in Calgary tomorrow while on the journey home, depending on my wife and her level of patience for a geeky camera shopping detour. I've been enjoying time photographing for myself the past few days. In particular doing landscapes with my E3 and playing with film on my Olympus OM-4t. The 135mm lens I have on there is much longer than I thought it would be given it is on a 'full frame' camera. Too tight for indoor visits with family, but really fun to use once I wrapped my head around the focal length. Using a prime lens really forces you to think outside the box which I enjoyed. For example, we had a memorial service at my grandparents grave at the town cemetery and the crowd was tightly packed. I could't get far enough back with that lens and still get a photo of the laying of the wreath without people being in the way, so I decided to pull back, way back by the back of the little cemetery and take a photo of the entire crowd. It is a beautiful photo of the moment and one I wouldn't have made if I had a zoom lens that had allowed me to stand up close.

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