Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunflower and Bad Canon Ideas

I was out playing with my little LX3 and some off camera flash today trying to document with some futility the huge size of my daughters sunflower plant.  The thing is nearly as tall as our house and finally decided it couldn't bear its own weight and fell over onto our fence.  I gelled an off camera flash with CTO gels, set my camera to tungsten and fired away with a pocket wizard attached.  But ultimately it was too tight between the house and a hedge to get the whole mammoth thing framed the way I wanted with a big blue sky behind it, so it was a good idea gone bad.  

Which leads me to Canon.  What is this I hear that the 18 megapixel 7D is going to have an APSC sized sensor???  I honestly thought Canon had learned their lesson with the G10.  The G11 was a turn in the right direction, but now this?  I'm dumbfounded.  Hopefully either it is just a bad rumor or they have figured out some wonderful new technology that negates the noise and other issues associated with jamming too many megapixels on a small sensor.  I was at least hoping for an APSH sensor.  Oh well.

On that note, I was in Lens and Shutter yesterday and tried out the Olympus EP-1 with the pancake lens and viewfinder that sits in the hotshoe.  First off, set up like that it is hardly bigger than my LX3 and is sweet to hold.  The eyepiece, while it doesn't view through the lens, give information electronically or allow for visual focusing is big, bright and super cool.  I love this camera.  If I didn't know that the EP-2 was coming out soon with the possibility of a proper viewfinder I'd replace my LX3 with it in a heartbeat.  Plus all the rumor sites keep seeming to point to a small Panasonic camera to match the size of the EP-1.  There could be some awesome small camera choices out there really soon.

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