Saturday, June 20, 2009

Figure Skating

I was out photographing some skating yesterday for Parks and Rec and it was a blast.  In the morning I photographed some adult ice dancing which was really cool.  I love seeing people live and enjoy life and these guys really were having fun.  In the afternoon I was out doing some figure skating and had the chance to photograph this girl that was really an accomplished athlete.  That was a real treat as the ice was fairly empty so I was out sitting in the middle of the rink (getting my bum wet and cold) and able to get some really fun shots.

I'm taking my daughter out today to the museum in Parksville as we haven't been before.  I'm looking forward to grabbing some photos with my old L1 while there.  Speaking of my daughter, my wife and I were looking at a photo we have of her when she was just two that is up on our wall yesterday.  I walk by it 5 times a day without looking, but when we looked at it yesterday it just captured us both with a fond memory of a moment.  It's one of the reasons I love photography.

Lastly there are rumors of the Nikon D300s being released this summer which will have video. Adam and I want to add a video capable dslr for use while shooting weddings for those short video inserts into slideshows.  I know he is interested in the Pentax K7, but I suspect the D300s is tempting as well.  It will be a wait and see.  The current Nikon D300 is a very capable and excellent camera, but neither of us was thrilled with its build quality and ergonomics.  The problem with Nikon's lenses is that they don't always have the best quality on their full-frame cameras (70-200 f2.8), so their crop sensors are somewhat more interesting.   We shall see.  It is just GAS (gear acquisition syndrome).  

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