Friday, May 15, 2009

Wet Photography

I was out at Beban Pool today taking some more swimming shots for Parks and Rec.  One of the pool staff brought her three kids there and it was great as we had the whole pool to ourselves.  I had lots of fun, probably more than the kids did.  It's not everyday you get to bring your camera into the pool.  After getting soaked at the Aquatic Centre I decided I would stay dry this time, but that only lasted 5 minutes before I was sitting in the pool.  Two things worked well, one being the E3 and the weather-sealed lenses.  I was splashed and had my camera at times right at water level.  No worries, everything worked perfectly.   Also, I brought along my little waterproof Olympus point and shoot camera and gave it to the kids to take their own photos.  That worked well as they were able to have their own fun, and I ended up with one pretty cool photo from it as well.  The shot in this post is with the E3 and 11-22 lens.  I took it just as a reference, but then sat down in the water and took shots up close as the kids popped out the end of the waterslide.  Some pretty funky white balance in that slide as the sunshine comes through the plastic and the kids were pretty green skinned bathed in that light!

Tomorrow, I'm off to photograph some grad photos before running to Campbell River for a Sunday photo event at Painters Lodge.  Busy weekend!

Finally, in the latest sequel to Photography now being a crime we have a Seattle photographer being arrested for taking a photo of two security guards.  It is probably not a photo I would have taken, or been interested in, but it is another example of police exercising their power when maybe they didn't need to.  Find the news article here.

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