Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pentax K7D?

The Pentax communities are abuzz with the seemingly very certain rumour that Pentax is going to announce a new camera in May called the K7D. The dropping of a digit from the K20D (Adam's camera) leads me to wonder if it is going to be a camera more suited to professional photographers (sort of like Olympus does with the 620 being a consumer camera, the E30 being the prosumer unit and the E3 being the pro body).

My hope is (and I know Adam's hope is) that they will improve on the focusing speed, increase the frame rate and (whether or not by making it full frame) improve the high ISO noise. Depending on what happens I might finally buy myself a Pentax just so I can buy and use some of those limited edition lenses that I can't believe Adam hasn't bought yet. While Olympus has unbeatable lenses, Pentax has some very unique ones that have always left me wanting. May should be a fun month for Pentaxians.

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