Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Olympus Announces the E620

Olympus announced today the E620 which I'm guessing will replace the E420 and E520 as the new entry level dslr in their system. The E30 which has been out for a few months would be the mid-level camera stranding my E3 as the pro camera that has so far not been updated. I'm hoping that Olympus will give us at least a pre-release tease of the E4 by PMA time, something to look forward too. The new E620 looks very compelling though for people just getting into photography. It is almost as small as the E420, has built in image stablization, usable live view, and an articulating LCD screen as well as the creative art modes that the E30 introduced. I don't think the art modes appeal much to people that use photoshop, but for people wanting nice, and different results right from the camera it is pretty cool.

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