Thursday, January 1, 2009

Game 1 Done

I just finished editing my images from the first game I did in the U17 tournament. I ended up with 122 keepers which takes a lot of time to get through! The gallery can be found here. These kids play good hockey. Better hockey than me, but then again most people do. I found myself very entertained by the game and the high level of play on the ice and am looking forward to January 3 when I get to shoot two more games.

Now, my tip of the week for any photographers out there. Whether you just do photography for yourself or as a pro you need to backup your photos and this is the time to do it. As I type this, Lightroom is busy moving all my photos from 2008 from my computers hard-drive to an external hard drive. In addition I have burned all my final edited images to DVD this morning. For me that was 250 gb of images to an external drive and 9 gb of images to DVD. That is a lot. I might have to get myself a Drobo if I keep this up. I've only been working professionally for two months now so I can see how photographers get nervous about drive space. Anyway, for me I've taken the precaution of uploading photos on the internet, burning them to DVD or CD and putting them on an external drive. Now if my computer fails (and I'm hoping it does so I can have the excuse to by a Mac), then I'm covered. I've also recently been in the habit of backing up photos from each paid job on CD after I've finished editing. I need to bring those CD's and DVD's to a friends house or my office so that should my house have a fire, I still have hard copies. Anyway, burn your images to a CD. Do it now. Take all of them from 2008 and put them together. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Now as a way to wrap-up 2008 I wanted to mention my favorite photography websites of the year:
  • Dpreview: If you are buying a new camera, this website is THE place to go to find out everything about it and to compare different products. The forums are also helpful, very very active and if you can stand the ridiculing you often get from the trolls there it can be a wicked resource for getting answers to any photography question.
  • Four Thirds Photo: I'm a 4/3rds camera user. This website is populated by the friendliest group of photographers I've ever encountered. They have helped me more than I can say and if you happen to own a Panasonic or Olympus or Leica 4/3 dslr this is a place you should become a member of.
  • Kodak Gallery: There are lots of places to get photos printed, but not many that do a great job consistently. I won't say which labs I think do a poor job, but I will say that for colour prints and photo gifts I've had consistenltly good prints from Kodak online. The fact that they deliver free to any Best Buy or Future Shop doesn't hurt either. It does take about a week to get photos from them, and I haven't had much luck with their black and white prints but I highly recommend them. If I am in a hurry in Nanaimo for prints I use London Drugs. They do a top notch job though they are pretty expensive.
  • Strobist: I've known about this website for a long time, but only recently started reading it everyday. I'd say that it is the only place to go for information on lighting with small strobes. Warning, it is addictive.
And a list of my favorite photographers of 2008:

  • Marco Grob: I am amazed.
  • Dave Hill: I have no idea how he does what he does. But one day I intend to figure it out.
  • There are many others that have blown my mind with their images here, but I won't list them all or I will be here all day. Flickr and Smugmug are great places to find some. With the popularity of photography nowadays there are millions of great images out there.
Off now to shovel snow off my driveway for the 30th time in the last few weeks. Hope everyone has a great start to 2009.

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